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Is your website as well-presented as you would like or does it contain minor mistakes that can damage your brand? The key benefit of using Gumhill Proofreading is to obtain a professional presentation.

Whether it is your website copy or for your client. You are assured of an error-free presentation, giving you peace of mind.

The quality I offer will lift your business brand and ensure it is free of embarrassing mistakes.

  • Providing you with a service that gives you a competitive advantage by lifting the level of your brand
  • Providing quality at a competitive price with a personal, accurate service
    Ability to stick to tight schedules and deadlines
  • Communicating your message clearly and effectively
  • Ensuring consistency of style, especially when there are several members of your team involved in one project
  • I have professional membership of IPEd (Institute of Professional Editors) which means I am more than ‘just a good eye’
  • Always commit to your budget and your required brief, never outsource your work
  • I am easy to contact and will respond to all enquiries within 24 hours

I provide the solutions which will empower your business to present its best work.

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