Today we’re launching our revised website. Feel free to look around and provide any feedback to

Hello everyone! Did you know that Gumhill Proofreading has launched a revised website about the Proofreading Service that I offer? It is still a work in progress and there are a few more minor changes to be made to the site. Just wondering if you think the website provides all the information you want to know to help you take that next step to contact us?

It has been an interesting journey getting the website revised and upgraded, maybe there is some further information that you feel needs to be added? It would be lovely to hear some thoughts about how you view the new website and any suggestions would be welcome.

Do you know, for example, about the variety of genres I proofread? Who do I provide my service for? By providing a professional proofreading service for my clients I am supporting their brand and allowing them to tell their story in a more professional and clearer light.

But this is not about me. This is about YOU. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading all about proofreading and how this vital step can make a difference to your next project and assist you in improving YOUR brand.

By the way, here are a few quick examples of confusing words:

somebody v some body

I think somebody is trying to break in.

Gosh, that bodybuilder has quite some body!

everyday v every day

His everyday life is very dull, but at night he’s in a cabaret act.

Every day I dream of becoming a showgirl in Paris.

compliment v complement

May I compliment you on your new hairstyle? The colour complements your dress beautifully.

Don’t forget to check the website out at

Looking forward to assisting you.


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