My Top 5 takeaway tips from a recent Business Marketing Workshop:

  1. Marketing is all about the customer
  2. Have a business plan
  3. Have a marketing plan
  4. Consistency of brand are key
  5. Trial new things


Editing and proofreading are vital steps which occur when publishing your written work (whether in hard copy or online). Otherwise, how do you prevent errors to in your work or to your brand?


My family are my greatest supporters. Without their support and guidance life would be so much harder. Who is in your corner?


The best thing about my business is not having to sit in that peak-hour traffic queue.


The key to happiness this week is – Snoopy!


What everybody needs to know about spellchecker – it does NOT replace editing and proofreading in any shape or form.


Suggest a new product or service – what would YOU like to see introduced from Gumhill Proofreading?

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