Happy New Year from Gumhill Proofreading!

Reflecting upon my business I was thinking about my very first customer and why they chose to work with me. My first customer was an author who had published one book previously, using one of the many publishing ‘free’ internet publishing packages.

She was completing her second book and wanted someone to share her first foray into the journey of self-publishing. For her this meant not using one of the internet packages as she had done previously. She had felt so let down by her previous experience. Therefore she set about finding the people to do the work required to get her book ‘out there’. She was searching from someone at the start of their publishing careers – as she was new to all this herself. She contacted me because she wanted someone who could give her back the control of her manuscript. Someone who would ensure that it was the best version it could be but also give her a lot of input and control during the process. She had felt a lack of control with her first book, by having it all ‘taken off her’ by the internet publishing firm. I provided her with the solution to her proofreading needs, giving her support and assisting her with her final manuscript.

My first client was so happy she provided me with a lovely testimonial which you can read on my website – www.gumhillproofreading.com.au

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