Dianne recently assisted me by proofreading my “About” page on my website. The changes Dianne made, helped the information flow and I believe will assist the reader in understanding what I am all about. Thank you Dianne.

Jo Raydan, Tri Nature Independent Consultant


October 2018

The Foundation for Australia’s Most Endangered Species Ltd (FAME) has utilised the services of Gumhill Proofreading for a number of years.
During this time, Dianne has proofread a number of important documents for the Company as well as our community newsletter “On the Brink”. We found the work to be articulate and accurate and particularly appreciated that Dianne was not afraid to question discourse in relation to grammar and punctuation of scientific names to ensure we achieved the correct outcome for the publication.
I have no hesitation in recommending Gumhill Proofreading and would be happy to discuss any manner of their work.
Tracy McNamara
Chief Executive Officer
Foundation for Australia’s Most Endangered Species
T 08 8374 1744
E fame@fame.org.au
Level 1, 47 Tynte Street
North Adelaide 5006, SA
ABN 79 154 823 579

Just wanted to say thanks so much for delivering a high-quality job in a really short time frame, you really helped us meet out targets.

Nicole Boyd, General Manager, Infrastructure Innovation, ISCA


Dianne was recommended to me by an Australian Publisher. She was very professional, proofread my manuscript in the set time and everything ran smoothly. I found that she attended to my needs and had a vision to see outside the box, which was exactly what I was looking for. No task was too hard and in the end I was very happy with her assistance. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dianne.

Lina Foley

Reiki Master


Dear Dianne

I want to thank you for your wonderful help and professional proofreading of a highly important document for me. Your knowledge is of a high professional standard and I was very impressed. I wish you and your business much success in the future. Thank you once again. Yours sincerely.

Maureen Aiken, Lenah Valley, TAS 7008

I was recommended to contact Gumhill Proofreading and I was very pleased that I took up this recommendation. The work Dianne did on my 14,000 word document was very impressive being very thorough and prompt. In places, I was given options to make changes, as the field of my work is specialised but the audience is hopefully wider. Despite a number of people having looked at my work before, Dianne noticed errors we had all missed. I would now thoroughly recommend her service to others.

Tony Thomas, Author of Celebrating 100 Years of Specialist Education in Victoria

Dianne Wadsworth provides an excellent service, one you can rely upon for its carefulness, intelligent application and economy. Most highly recommended.

Nick Walker, Director, Australian Scholarly Publishing/Arcadia


I contracted Gumhill Proofreading to proofread my science-fiction/fantasy novel for the American market. She was punctual, collaborative and very helpful, especially considering this is my first manuscript. I’ll be securing her services again in the future.

David J. Ross

I gave draft copies to three friends to check and thought I had most of the errors covered. Your expertise has revealed that there was yet more to correct. Saving me from embarrassment on my first public book. Thanks Di.

Trevor Harris, Key-line Christian Research Pty. Ltd.

Hi Dianne

The work you did for me was awesome, thank you for all your hard work, much appreciated.
Trish George, Author of A Shaft of Memories

I’ve just completed the revision of your proofread for Roadman and want to say thank you for all your work.
You picked up the small little errors that are so easy to miss, but which polish the book and give it a higher level of professionalism.

Dr Scott Zarcinas, Director of DoctorZed Publishing

The final proofread of our manuscript identified minor errors previously overlooked. Gumhill Proofreading delivered a high-level of accuracy and clear, concise feedback for our title Publish Your Book – The Author’s Reference. Not only did Dianne understand and meet our needs, she returned the manuscript ahead of schedule. As a result, we are ready to publish with confidence.

K. J. Brennan, Authorial Voice

It was a pleasure working with Dianne. Her communication was always prompt and professional and she returned the work well before the deadline.

J. Hoadley, Project Manager.

Insight Publications

Hi Dianne,

I was impressed with Dianne’s quick and professional work on the proofreading of one of our upcoming publications, Rumi Oracle. I was pleased with the results and would not hesitate to recommend her services.

Best wishes,

Tanya Graham.

Blue Angel Publishing

Illuminating hearts & minds

Hi Dianne,

Thank you very much for your prompt and thorough proofread of Always On My Mind. We found your proof to be of a high professional standard, especially considering the extent and time constraints. Your work was clean, clear and concise and we found your suggested comments very helpful.

Thanks again and look forward to our next project.

Jasmine Standfield, JCP Publishing Manager



It was good to have all the spelling queries highlighted and multiple options offered so we could choose which suited the context. We were muddled with the use of hyphens, so it was pleasing to have that sorted out for us. The one issue which I was thrilled with was Dianne’s investigation into the correct use of ‘species’ as this was integral to the book, very much appreciated.


Dianne gave us a lot of suggestions regarding punctuation, grammar, spacing and syntax that were all useful.


A number of queries which Dianne raised regarding cross-referencing figures or text were picked up as we had missed those.


It was comforting to know that Dianne was reviewing figure descriptions, apostrophes, fonts etc. Also the use of spelt numbers conflicting with the use of numerals for the same reference.


It is difficult to spend 15 years sourcing and preparing the information for such a complex topic and be able to transfer all of the head knowledge into a comprehensible explanation in text. Dianne’s ability to point out various sections that needed clarifying or reworking was pleasing. She displayed an intimate scrutiny of minor issues – such as spacing, hyphen use, grammar, punctuation etc. This made us feel that, should we have made any oversights, that they would be found. All these things combined made us confident in Dianne’s skills.

Randall Harris, Author of Evolution Unraveled: The Facts, the Fiction & the Fallacy


Dianne was a pleasure to work with. She was thorough, efficient and she answered all my questions promptly. As a first-time author I will certainly be using Gumhill Proofreading’s services again, when I write a second book.

Regards, Tia Mitsis, Author of When Study Goes Wrong


Dear Mrs Wadsworth, May I take this opportunity to thank you for the services provided with regards to the proofreading of documentation in regards to my aesthetic business. As I am sure you are aware, the use of consent forms, client leaflets and promotional information needs to be accurately worded as well as correct grammar and spelling. With the use of your services I am assured and confident that all written documentation is correct in all these aspects. It is areas I find extremely time consuming and incorrect areas do not always appear obvious to me. You were able to check and return them with considerable speed, highlighting areas that had been altered or suggestions made, of this I found to be incredibly useful and insightful. I would highly recommend you, as you provide an accurate, reliable and extremely fast service.

Kind regards KAMA Clinical Services Ltd 21 Marshall Road Mapperley Nottingham NG3 6HS ENGLAND

I wish to recommend the services of Dianne Wadsworth from Gumhill Proofreading. Between 2002 and 2007, Dianne was engaged as a proofreader for Whirligig, the official quarterly newsletter of Meniere’s Victoria (now Meniere’s Australia). During 2006 we sought her assistance with the proofreading of our new publication, The Dizzy Chef – Healthy Cooking (ISBN 0-646-46437-X). While often dealing with complicated content and materials from our organisation, Dianne’s professional approach and attention to detail ensured that a clear and accurate message was always conveyed to our audience. Dianne’s skill development and expertise clearly grew during her time with us, and I would recommend her to any organisation that required the services of a committed and accurate proofreader. If you have any queries regarding this recommendation, please contact me via the email below.

Yours sincerely, Lynn Polson OAM

Dianne’s eye for fine detail and her diligent approach to proofreading offers you an insurance against embarrassing errors in your most vital communications.

Jeff Weir, Executive Director Dolphin Research Institute