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If you Google ‘proofreading’, ‘proofreader’ or ‘proofread’ there are a multitude of options available online for you to look at (for example: “Australia’s leading proofreading service, providing quality editing and proofreading services at affordable prices. Academic, book and business experts…”, “Achieve the grades that you deserve, by having your document professionally proofread by our highly qualified proofreaders…” and “Lowest Prices · Express Service · Free Sample · Open 24/7…”).

So how do you choose between all the options available? Understanding what I do at Gumhill Proofreading will help to make things clearer for you to make that choice of a proofreader for your next project. What sets Gumhill Proofreading apart from other proofreaders is my sole focus on proofreading, personalised service for each customer, strict adherence to deadlines and competitive pricing.

The Macquarie Dictionary’s definition of proofreading is:

“to read (printers’ proofs, etc.) in order to detect and mark errors to be corrected.”

For a clear description of proofreading refer to the IPEd website. This provides you also with clear details of the distinction between editing and proofreading: http://iped-editors.org/About_editing/Levels_of_editing/Proofreading.aspx.

Gumhill Proofreading provides this personal, quality proofreading service – it fits the formal description offered by IPEd (Institute of Professional Editors). In a nutshell, it is the final quality check before printing or releasing your information to ‘the world’. Also, don’t forget to check out my Facebook and LinkedIn pages – you can click on the icons below – you’ll see lots of other interesting resources. By the way – I am passionate about words and love reading – everything! Contact Me today for an obligation free quote!




What does a proofreader do?

As a proofreader I look at the main body of any project, which can include indexes and references if there are any. The two main areas are:

Accuracy: Correcting errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar, catching all misspellings, misplaced or missing apostrophes and incorrect verb agreements.

Consistency: Bringing the text neatly in line, ensuring consistent style throughout. This includes capitals, italics, hyphens, punctuation and spelling styles. I also ensure that numbers, abbreviations, titles, bullets, numbered lists and tables/figures etc. stick to one specific style throughout.

It is NOT my job as a proofreader to:

Improve the text: I do not rewrite clumsy sentences, improve text flow or break down overly long paragraphs. I will not comment on the plot. Your editor will action most of these things.

Fact check: Proofreaders, such as myself, often check that things such as website addresses are correct but they do not normally check the accuracy of information included in any book. For example, “Henry VIII had 10 wives” would be picked up as incorrect by the majority of proofreaders but most information given is the responsibility of either the author or editor to check.

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Why use a proofreader?

Before submitting any document for distribution or publication, you should make sure that it communicates its message in the clearest possible way. It should be well-written in its organisation and appearance and it should be free of errors in terms of spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, grammar and English usage.

Of course, you may believe that you are capable of proofreading your own work, but there is always the possibility that you may miss an error. It may be something minor, such as a misplaced comma or a poor choice in terms of a preposition. However, it may be a significant error, one which changes the meaning of a sentence or which may detract from the quality of the writing so much that your document does not properly communicate its intended message.

The last step before you submit or publish anything (in printed hard copy form or online) should be to employ the services of a professional proofreader. The value of a proofreader is this: after he or she has reviewed and revised a document, you can be sure that it is ready for your intended audience to read.

Gumhill Proofreading is a Professional Member of the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) and a Full Member of Editors Victoria, which is a branch of IPEd.

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