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I am Dianne Wadsworth and my business, Gumhill Proofreading, will provide the solution to your proofreading requirements. I have experience proofreading many types of projects in a variety of genres, for example: biographies, wellbeing, the environment, self-help books, tarot and oracle cards, business materials and website copy.

Gumhill Proofreading provides a professional proofreading service. I am a freelance proofreader working with publishers, self-publishing authors, English as a Second Language (ESL) students and small to medium-sized businesses throughout Australia. More details about the proofreading service I provide for clients’ businesses can be found on the following pages of this website: Australian Publishers, Self-Publishing Authors, ESL Students and Small to Medium-sized Businesses.

The benefits of using Gumhill Proofreading’s service include avoiding embarrassing mistakes and ensuring an individual’s work or an organisation’s literature is the best it can be. My clients save time, money and receive the best possible service. Gumhill Proofreading provides a professional proofreading service with the sole focus on proofreading, not editing, copyediting or copywriting (please refer to Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) for the definition of proofreading).

I am here to provide a polished finish to your project. Your project could include, but is not limited to:

  • book drafts for publishers and self-publishing authors
  • all types of business documents for small to medium-sized businesses
  • assisting with website copy
  • newsletters, brochures and marketing material copy
  • product guides
  • ESL student materials
  • letter writing
  • tarot and oracle cards

Nothing is too large or too small. Please enquire about proofreading requirements for your next project – and check out my SPECIAL Offer – by completing my Contact Form. This applies to all new business clients, students who need assistance with assignments and publishers who need that helping hand. My service frees up your time and saves you money. I look forward to hearing from you today!